Introduction to digital marketing

Digital marketing! You often encounter this word whenever it comes to start or promote your business over a wide audience in less time. Yes, this word has managed to get attention due to its wide use in today’s business establishments and growth. Not a single business is untouched with this word. It has the potential to make any business successful if exploit properly in less time.

So, what is Digital Marketing exactly?

Digital marketing is a self-explanatory term. When marketing is done with the help of a digital medium or with the use of any type of electronic gadget or device, it can be said as digital marketing. Ok, so basically the internet is a must for digital marketing or it is just that marketing where internet is taken into consideration for the marketing of product or services. Is it so?

Well, the answer is No! Digital marketing in itself is a wide concept and it does not limit to the internet only, though it mainly depends on the internet only. Let me clear this with the help of an example. Many a time you receives SMS on your phone, like below:

Digital Marketing through SMS

Here, marketing is being done with the method of SMS, which includes no internet. But, the link is being provided in the SMS so as to make visitor land on their desired. Similarly, you might have also noticed the digital signboards along the roads, highways and at the places witnessing large footfalls. These digital boards also used for promoting the business by running ads so as to make the business reach wider.

Though it helps in promoting your brand to a wider audience, it does not gives you the exact data which part of this audience is converting into leads. This is where digital marketing based on the internet comes into play.

Let’s get through the basic difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing.

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing:  Two types of Digital Marketing.

Inbound Marketing:  In this type of marketing, we basically concerned with our potential customers. So, we put useful and engaging content on our website, drive customers through various platforms either through social media platforms, newsletters, blogs, email newsletters, etc.

Outbound Marketing: Here we are only concerned to increase our outreach through any medium. It is somewhat similar to traditional marketing. The only concern, in this case, is to increase the reach to a wider audience through any medium with the misconception that it will generate leads. Cold calling, newspaper ads, etc.

Digital marketing is a wider aspect and there are various types that are used for marketing that comes under it. These are the following:

  1. Website/Blog
  2. Search Engine Optimization.
  3. Google Search Console.
  4. YouTube Marketing.
  5. Google AdSense.
  6. Content Marketing.
  7. Affiliate Marketing.
  8. Email Marketing.
  9. Google Analytics.
  10. Social Media Marketing.
  11. Mobile Marketing.
  12. Google Adwords.

We will discuss these topics along with more topics in detail in our further posts. We will start by building a website and then go in detail with tools and techniques to increase website traffic and rank. If you want to read about HTML, please click here.


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