Website is the term which can be hear in our daily business. Gone is the time when you have to look out for everything physically. We had to move out of our houses, roaming shops, jobs, clients, customers, grocery stores etc. But, the time has changed now and so as the Technology. With the reach of internet, now everything comes to our single click. Everything is present on Internet today. But Internet is like a sea where you can lost also, if you don’t have particular search. In this case, there comes the term website. Website is just a like a ship in the Internet type of sea, which leads you to your destination.

website on different gadgets

Notice the term “Website” in upper paragraph. This website is the unique place where you have to land for your particular search. Suppose you need information regarding the latest gadget that you want to purchase. You search for this gadget on internet and lots of website related to that shows in search result. You open one website, you read, don’t get what you want, move to another website. Once you find desired information on any website, you bookmark that website for future use. It means you find a place on internet where you can get desired information related to gadgets. That’s how websites works. Now if you want to start your own blog, business, page etc. so that you can make your presence globally, you need to have your own website.

What your own Website provides you?

  • It simply provides you the accessibility to work according to your time and place.
  • You can directly communicate to the world.
  • You can work on your dreams, which you were delaying for a long time.
  • You can in your way without any senior’s pressure i.e. You are your own boss.
  • It gives you the potential to maximize your skills and hidden talent.
  • It makes you creative and instigate you to generate attractive ideas regularly, which in turns increases your thinking capability.
  • It gives you the sense of responsibility towards society.
  • It makes you smart worker and develops your patience to keep you working on your dreams.
  • It can give you financial freedom as well, if you work hard on your niche.
  • It can make you hire people to work for you also, if your work expands in future.
  • On attaining stunning results, it can help you motivate people and to achieve their goals with you as an example.

These are some of the common points from many more points. Hope you are getting a general idea about having one of your own. Haven’t your own right now, well this is right time to get one. This is the right to work on your dreams. Don’t worry about the content, think deeply, it will come by itself it you. Now the main point arises, that how to build it? I have not made it in my life. Well well.. It is more simple than you think.

How to build your own Website?

There are mainly two ways to build your own website. First is with the help of coding. If you have a knowledge of coding, then you can make it with your own design and requirement. Second is WORD PRESS, which allows you to choose from pre-designed formats. Here, you can choose layout and theme which suits your content and niche. You can post your contents or update your regular products regularly with worrying about coding.To make your own site, You can do it here.

The next thing that you have to do is to purchase your we hosting. Web hosting is the space that you purchase so as to place your site on it. The next thing is choosing a short, attractive, easy to learn and well suited domain name. You can buy this Domain name as well as hosting here.

After purchasing, you have to put your website on the hosting server, generate email id relative to your domain name. Hurrah! you are done with it.

Thank You 🙂

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directory · August 18, 2019 at 1:02 pm

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