In this post, we will discuss how, to begin with website of your own. In the last post, we discussed why to use digital marketing. I hope you get a rough idea of importance of digital marketing in today’s digital world. Now the first step that you need to take is to work on a live project. But how can you work on the live project if you don’t have any idea about digital marketing?

Well, the answer is to make your own website and work on it as a live project. If you can do it on your website, you can do it on other’s websites too. Another advantage of having own website is that we have full access to do every experiment on our project. Working on your website and make it grown on the internet will help you to learn tips and tricks of digital marketing. It will also open up your mind that how things work in real world.

Let’s begin with how you can make your own website.

Websites can be made in two ways. You can make it with the help of programming and coding or with the help of WordPress. If you are good at coding and you know how to build a website with the help of coding, you can make your own. But for the novice in the field of coding, it will be a tough task. Here comes the second option, to use pre-design formats of the website on which we need to upload content only. The best option for this is WordPress. Most of the sites of the world are working on WordPress today.

Begin with Website:  WordPress

Example of sites that made on WordPress are :


Domain and Hosting, to Begin With, Website.

As you come to know about the website, lets now discuss how you can make it. For making your own website, there is a requirement of two things i.e. domain and hosting.

Domain: It is the name of your website or address of your website on the internet. When someone searches your website over the internet, it’s your domain name with the help of which someone lands on your website. The domain comes with domain extensions, for example, .com, .edu, .org, .net, .online, etc. The complete domain will look like as

Begin with website:  domains
Domain Extensions
img src:

Hosting: It is a space that is provided for your website to store and show data to the visitors on the internet.

You can understand the domain and hosting with the example of a home.  The suppose address of your home is your domain, and the place where your home is built is your hosting. There are various platforms online which provide domain and hosting. It depends upon you what you need and the budget is. Various platforms that provided domain and hosting are,,,, etc.

Tip: Before purchasing the domain and hosting from a single website, it is advisable to compare on other websites too. For example, if you are purchasing on GoDaddy, try to check its price on big rock, HostGator, hostinger too.

How to Purchase Domain and Hosting:

Go to One of the above-mentioned websites. Here, I am showing on the GoDaddy website, you can choose other websites. Start with domain searching, search for your domain to check whether it is available or not. If it’s available, add it to the cart.

Begin with Website:  Domain search

The next thing that you have to do is to go to another website and check for the same domain. Check prices here with the previous one. If you find a satisfactory deal, leave it to cart only.

Now move to hosting plans. Again do the same thing, go to Webhosting option, check hosting plans on each site to compare prices and services offered by them. Choose what you find suits best to you and then proceed to checkout. Just sign up to the website by providing your details and then make payment. During payment, various options will pop up asking permissions. Choose the options that you need in your plan, if not just select no thanks and move forward.

hosting purchasing to begin with website.
Steps to purchase hosting.
hosting plans for website.
Hosting Plans.

Choose plan according to your needs while purchasing hosting.

opt outs in hosting purchasing for website.

Additional services in hosting plans
continue to cart for final hosting purchase.

It is advisable to choose plans for one year only if you are a beginner. There is one option where you will be asked about ssl certificate. Ssl certificate is used to make data on the website secure. If you purchase your domain with ssl certificate, your website is shown as, other it is shown as See the difference of “s” in HTTP and https. “S” stands for secure.

hosting plans according to time.
payment page for hosting of website.

Suppose you purchase your domain and hosting from GoDaddy, go to my account and log in by entering your account details or follow the following steps:

GoDaddy–> my account–>web hosting–> starter Linux hosting c panel–>choose domain–>next–>data center–>install WordPress–>finish–> go to dashboard.

If you want to install WordPress from c panel, follow these steps:

c panel admin–>file manager–> (theme uploading),
web application–> install wordpress–>choose your domain–> if no ssl certificate–>http and not https–> settings–> admin user name–> and password. This user name and pwd helps you to login in wp.–> website title–> tagline–> install.

How to Login in WordPress?

To login in to WordPress, in the browser search bar, type, means put “/wp-admin” after your website’s name, and it will open the wordpress login page to your website.

login page of wordpress

Enter the username and password that you made while installing WordPress and then click Login. Your website’s dashboard will open on your screen. Hurrah! now your website is live now.

So, that’s how you can begin with your website in 10-15 minutes and start your blog, business or services through the website that you always wanted to.


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