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Code with R is a simple blog on coding as well as on Digital marketing. Here in coding, the post will be on HTML and CSS. The blogs basically tutorials in nature whereby all basic to advance points will be posted. The administrator of this website is a novice who has just begun to learn HTML and CSS for website design. Along with the knowledge of basic codes the owner of this website has also knowledge of online marketing. That is the main reason why the headline of this site is from coding to marketing. Posts related to how to make a presence on the internet are also in list to post regularly. It has a wide scope in the future as for making a presence on internet, almost all companies are taking the help of digital marketing nowadays. So, I will try to post articles on each and every topic of it also. Till then, keep reading, suggestions are most welcome. If anyone wants to write with us, he or she is most welcome.

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HTML CSS is the topic that we are going to discuss in this post. CSS stands for Cascade Style Sheet, its work is to make web page display attractive and effective. It decreases the word Read more…

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